Fresno Surgical Hospital’s leadership is dedicated to upholding our mission to deliver compassionate, high-quality surgical care. Under the leadership’s direction, we strive to build a supportive environment for our clinical staff and employees that encourages innovation and the pursuit of new and better ways to serve our patients and the community.

Board of Managers

The Board of Managers represents Fresno Surgical Hospital’s leadership and ownership. It guides and directs the hospital to follow our mission statement to ensure our patients receive optimal surgical care and patient satisfaction. The Board is responsible for the hospital and the protection of our assets. In addition, the Board identifies the organization’s goals and strategies, ensures legal and regulatory compliance, adopts sound investment and business practices, and charts the organization’s future course.

Cary Tanner, MDCary Tanner, MD
Aryan, HenryHenry Aryan, MD
Maziar Bidar, MD
Gill, Paramjeet2_web2Paramjeet Gill, MD.
Eric Poulsen, MD

A. Salahuddin Azhar J Salahuddin, MD

John Clark_225x200John Clark
Phillip Clendenin
Glen Cozen
Physicians Surgery Centers Managing Partner
James De Ciutiis
David Lippert
Physicians Surgery Centers Managing Partner

Medical Staff Chief & Director

 David Taylor, MD
Chief of Medical Staff
Whitmer, Bruce2_webBruce Witmer, MD
Medical Director


Kassahn, Kris2_webKristine Kassahn, RN, BSN
Chief Executive Officer

Holdridge-Zeuner, Danielle2_webDanielle Holdridge-
Zeuner, RN, BSN
Chief Nursing Officer
Cecil, Bruce2_webBruce Cecil, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

FSH_web-Gresham (2)_editedJulie Gresham, RN, BSN
Chief Quality Officer

Alejandra Contreras
Chief Human Resources Officer
Susan Shanabruch
Medical Staff Specialist

Paul Haase, MBA
Facilities Manager


Physician Owners

docprofile_icon_03Rasheed Amireh, MD

Aryan, HenryHenry Aryan, MD

Bertolucci, GeorgeGeorge Bertolucci, MD

docprofile_icon_03Maziar Bidar, MD

docprofile_icon_03Robert Buckenberger,
Carveth, WilliamWilliam Carveth, MD

docprofile_icon_03Ronald Castonguay, MD

Sumeer Thinda, MD

Dunklin, JeromeJerome Dunklin, MD

Steven FoggSteven Fogg, MD

docprofile_icon_03John Garry, MD

GhajarphotoMehdi Ghajar (Ghajarnia), MD
Gill, Paramjeet2_web2Paramjeet Gill, MD

Glaser, FrancisFrancis Glaser, Jr. MD

Amitabh GoswamiAmitabh Goswami, DO

Hongshik Han, MD

DrHanson2_webEric Hanson, MD

Harry Joe, MD

 HS Center, Inc.

DrJohnson2_webToby Johnson, MD

Gopi Kasturi, MD

Majors, AAlexander Majors, MD

Danilo R. Manimtim, MD

Mason, StewartStewart Mason, MD

Maxwell, AndrewAndrew W. Maxwell, MD

Mendoza, RichardRichard Mendoza, MD

Thomas Minor, MD

docprofile_icon_03Robert Mochizuki, MD

docprofile_icon_03Patrick Mullen, DPM

Fred Nagata, DPM

docprofile_icon_03 Ali Najafi, MD

Michael NuzzoMichael Nuzzo, MD

docprofile_icon_03Thomas G. Penman, DPM

Eric PoulsenEric Poulsen, MD

Prescott, DanielDaniel Prescott, MD

docprofile_icon_03H. Gregory Rainwater, MD

Rodney Remington, MD

Sakauye, CarolynCarolyn Sakauye, MD

A. SalahuddinAzhar I. Salahuddin, MD

Michele Schulz, MDMichele Schulz, MD

Sanagaram Shantharam, MD

Smith, JerrySierra Pacific Orthopaedic
Medical Group, Inc.
Smith, JerryJerry Smith, MD

docprofile_icon_03John Swanson, MD

Cary Tanner, MDCary Tanner, MD

Connor Telles, MD

Thaxter, StevenSteven Thaxter, MD

C. ToutonCharles H. Touton

docprofile_icon_03Timothy Van Dyne, DPM

W. Von kaenelWilliam von Kaenel, MD

Timothy Watson, MDTimothy Watson, MD

Jeryl WiensJeryl Wiens, MD

Robert Wilson, MD


Contracted Services

Anesthesia services are provided by Anesthesia Consultants of Fresno (ACF). ACF is a contracted provider and the individual anesthesiologists of ACF are not employees of the hospital.

Contact Information:
Dr. Wiggins / Dr. Radich
7417 North Cedar Avenue
Fresno, CA 93720