API Request Form

Smart Phone Application Interface

(API – Application Programming Interface)

Application Programming Interface (API) is a technology that allows our electronic health records (EHRs) to communicate with outside applications. Using API, you may request your health information through an app of your choice as long as that app utilizes FHIR industry standards and meets the specifications of our EHRs. Fresno Surgical Hospital is not responsible for the Terms of Service of any app you may select and does not endorse any specific app for use.

 In order to keep your data safe, you must confirm your identity before Fresno Surgical Hospital releases any of your health information to an outside app. Your identity is confirmed using your Patient Portal username and password. If you are not already enrolled in your Fresno Surgical Hospital Patient Portal, please refer to our patient portal page at www.fresnosurgicalhospital.com/patient-portal/.

For any questions about an app, please first contact the app developers. If your app of choice has confirmed that they meet FHIR industry standards and you would like to use that app to access your health information, please use the form below to recommend an app.